DiangTian MQTT relay driver

8channel relay box8channel relay


The DingTian Driver communicates to the relays through it's API via MQTT communications.  You can purchase the 4,8,16 and 32 relay versions.  myServer will self discover what version it is connecting to and add the corresponding device IDs within myServer automatically.  The relay board also accepts Inputs that myServer tracks state and can execute a macro when it sees the contacts going "High".


some of the DingTian relay boards also support CAN communications.  More info on this will be provided in our "myVehicle" application.


Setup each DingTian relay controller

Connect using either Wifi (dtrelaySN  / dtpassword or Ethernet (

use admin / admin as it's access

Under the Settings tab,  configure the relay controller's IP address / gateway / DNS server settings appropriate for your network.  Ensure the chosen IP address isn't already in use by Ping (example of the IP you want to setup the relay controller) to ensure no device responds from a computer on the same subnet.

16channel settings 1

Copy the relay controller's serial number.


The "AP" settings are used by the controller if the device cannot find an ethernet network, then it will broadcast itself as a WiFi access point under the SSID / Password you set. So you can access the settings of the relay controller.


HTTP settings including the DHCP or Static IP assignage in the ETH port.

Configure the MQTT settings:

The RelayConnect page - MQTT protocol should be "MQTT".  Ensure "Head Slash" is selected.  The Broker Address is the address of your myServer 6 controller.  The Broker Port should be 1883.  No username or password is required unless you setup that security on the myServer MQTT server.

16channel RelaySettings 1


Install the DingTian driver using myServer's Software Updater.


Enable the myServer MQTT server using the myServer command builder.  Run the "EnableMQTTServer" command. Restart myServer afterwards for the settings to take effect.

Use the myServer Command builder to run the MQTT Publish command.  Type the topic name "" (example)

 Add the relay controller.

Serial number field:  "relay1234" if your serial number was "1234" for all relay rows (not just the controller).


I/O Setup (example of 8 relay board(s)  ):

Relay 1:  Real I/O = 1, Logical I/O=1, Controller = 1

Relay 8: Real I/O = 8, Logical I/O=8, Controller = 1

Relay 9: Real I/O = 1, Logical I/O=9, Controller = 9

Relay 16: Real I/O = 8, Logical I/O=16, Controller = 9


Device type should be "Lighting".