For smaller installations, a shelf mounted myServer 6 controller is available.

PIs can be used as myMediaPlayers.  Or Digital Signage players.  Or myAudioPlayers.  Or IO devices.  The list is long of services that the Allonis suite of products covers.


For the PIs, common is to use a GPIO fan to cool the processor that may be in the shelf mount case.  This is a critical component as without, the CPU will certainly overheat which will cause poor system performance and can be damaged permanently. Thankfully they are inexpensive and readily available to replace.  Simply gracefully shut down the Operating System, unplug the PI's power supply, open up the case, and carefully remove the fan from it's GPIO pins.  Replace it in reverse being careful to ensure all GPIO pins are aligned before pressing together.  Power up the Pi to restore the system.

For installation, it is important for the myServer 6 case to be in a ventilated area with cool flowing air.  Consider putting a Fan to blow cool air on the Controller.  The myServer 6 is happiest in the lower areas as heat rises.  Ensure there is space around the Controller.

The myServer 6 controller (and all other PIs) should be connected to a UPS to ensure stable power even in the event of a power outage or brownout.

Rack mount myServer 6 controllers are also available for larger systems.