Allonis has developed a breakthrough in RGB Pool Lighting.



Original pool lighting was incandescent bulbs in a waterproof housing.  Served the purpose of illumination, but had high energy use and mono color.  All pool lights used an R-40 bulb, a large incandescent flood lamp. In the 80’s, halogen pool bulbs began to gain favor, as well as fiber optic lighting that can run above or below water.

Later, multicolor was introduced in the 90's and early 2000's by having an above water light canister send it's white light through colored acetate which shone light onto light fiber bundles.  The other ends of the light fiber were underwater.  a motor slowly changed the color of the acetate.  Very prone to time damage.  Not reliable.  Slow color changes, low illumination.  No blending of colors.

Next (and more current), Red / Green / Blue bulbs were turned on / off in sequence as the power was applied / removed / applied in a circular pattern.  Very slow color change, and does not lend itself towards automation as a human has to real time see the current color to cycle to the next.

Current is Wifi or other short range RF built into replacement bulbs that can be multi color (more than simple R or G or B).  The problem is range of the RF and not typically able to be integrated into a full control system.

There are also Wifi or cabled RGB LED bulbs that have to be custom wired into a new pool project.  Issue is not generally suitable for retrofitting to an existing pool as the wiring is very difficult to swap.


So, Allonis took on the challenge of addressing all of the above issues.

Our design:

Here is the typical wiring that exists:

12 or 110 Volt AC switch (dependent on bulb requirement) > underground wire > Hayward or Pentair standard sealed housing niche with incandescant bulb

We replace that with:

myServer DMX control system > Wifi > new Allonis lighting Wifi / Powerline DMX Transmitter to replace the old AC switch > Existing two conductor underground wiring > original sealed housing > Allonis new 12 Volt Powerline DMX RGB bulb


Input: 12 volt AC power

3 Pin DMX

Output: Powerline to Receiver unit.


The new design provides extremely fast and precise color changing capability that has high output LEDs for good illumination.  myServer can than automatically control the lights and colors for time of day.  It is even possible to change the color and intensity to the beat of the music!


myRGBPool 1



40 watts / 12V AC or DC. Recommended is a power supply that is 20% more.

E26 socket.  Par56 bulb type.

Recommended is to replace the existing Niche housing seal to ensure waterproof installation.  The RGB bulb is not waterproof on it's own.