Controlling the eStream4K Device Using IR

Many cable providers are now supplying end-users with an Android TV-based device in lieu of a standard cable box for their cable TV content delivery. These devices are typically supplied with a Bluetooth remote control. However, in most situations, these devices may also allow for IR control. The following article details where to find the IR code set in the URC IR database as well as the IR receiver "window" location.

Note: The eStream 4K device noted in this article uses the Tivo-style remote control. There may be other versions of this Android TV-based device that have not yet been tested.

IR Receiver Location
The images below show the location of the IR receiver "window" location on the front panel of the eStream 4K device. Affix the IR emitter as shown below.

IR Receiver Location - Front Panel View:


IR Receiver Location - Top Down View:


Use the "Bluestream" Evolution eStream4K IR codec from the GlobalCache database.



Activate the developer mode by pressing 7 times the compilation option will ask you for a code enter 3694.

If this works, then ADB likely will also work.