myServer 6 supports the GlobalCache line of control products and the new SmartRemote IR emitter.

Most common would be the "IP2IR" device that allows myServer 6 to send IR commands out the hardware's three IR emitter ports.

This driver supports over 200,000 IR devices!


The driver also support the iTach Flex hardware.  This hardware is configurable to read contact closures, voltage levels, or to trigger relays.


If you are controlling multiple cable boxes in your system (like for a sports bar):

For each of the cable boxes, document an ip address of the IP2IR and port. Ideally, these would be in sequential order where the lowest ip address – port 1 is for cable box 1, etc. So if the ip address for the first IP2IR is (for example) then it would be:


Cable 1: – port 1

Cable 2: – port 2

Cable 3: – port 3

Cable 4: – port 1

Cable 5: – port 2

Cable 6: – port 3



The SmartRemote contains an IR emitter in the nose of the handheld remote.  It has very good transmission range (tested over 18 ft).


1) Add the SmartRemote's IP address in the GenericIR driver and list it's Controller ID as "-1".  Assign it to a room (doesn't restrict you from using it in other rooms).

2) Add your IR devices to the IR Database.

3) In your SmartRemote UI folder, assign hard buttons commands like:

Control|{{{{activeroom_{{clientname}}}}_smartremote_id}}~SendIR~SamsungTV~POWER Toggle

4) Add your SmartRemote to your activate-room.roomname macro:


"61" is the SmartRemote's ID in the GenericIR driver - this is to tell myServer that you will be using your SmartRemote to control your IR devices in the "Study" room.

5) When pressed, that SmartRemote hardware is telling myServer to send an IR command to your IR device you called "SamsungTV" in the IR Database.  And to issue the POWER Toggle IR command.