BSS Driver
The BSS series of Audio Matrix are highly scalable and customizable and are used in the most complex of projects.  myServer 6 supports the BSS line.
Due to the BSS customization capability, implementing the integration goes like this:  The Integrator / Installer connects the BSS to the Control Network.  They then use the BSS Design software tools to configure the zones, the inputs, the equalization, the ducking and other features.  The Integrator then sends the BSS configuration file from Architect software to Allonis.  Allonis then Imports this file into the myServer 6 BSS Driver.  We may have to make coding changes to the BSS driver for support of the custom feature.  Allonis bills these potential customizations at our hourly development rate.


Any time the BSS-100 gets reconfigured using the Architect Windows software, the myServer 6 BSS driver needs to be reconfigured too.  So, you should install the audio system, test it, tune it and THEN send the file to Allonis so that the BSS-100 driver can be configured and tested.

Contact Allonis for assistance with BSS-100 implementation.