Connecting myServer 6 Pi4 Controller
Most sports bar / restaurant projects use a 1U rack mount computer as the "brain" and webserver of the system.
This computer runs Allonis's myServer 6 automation software.  It's small size belieze that it is super powerful, power efficient, cost effective and highly reliable.

To install:
Mount the 1U rack in a cool area of the equipment rack that has cool flowing air.  Since hot air travels upward, typically the lower portions of the rack are best.  As there is a small mechanical fan, best is to not install in a dusty environment.  Semi regular cleaning is helpful with a shot of compressed air to the fan to clean accumulated dust off.  Worse case, the fan is very inexpensive and easy to replace if it has run for many hours (years).
The myServer 6 controller is powered by the small USB-C connector on the back side corner.  This is connected to the included 2.5Amp USB-C power supply.  Do not use a "phone" or "FireTV stick" power supply as they typically do not provide enough current which can damage the myServer 6 controller.

Storage: The small included memory stick must plug into the bottom blue high speed USB3.0 connector.  The myServer 6 software is stored on this device and is the heart of the system. Do not remove this storage USB device as it is a tight fit and can be damaged on reinsertion.  If it is needed to be replaced, we find pushing the USB slightly sideward and then In on that side, and then sideways to the other side and In again allows the USB stick to properly be fully inserted without damage.  It does take some feel to get this right so we don't recommend you try ;)
The other USB connectors can be used for an optional wireless keyboard / mouse or a USB to DB9 serial adapter (if needed to control a serial device).

Network: On the front side, a Category 5/6 cable is connected to the RJ45 connector.  This is connected to the "Control" ethernet network.  For most all installations, this network must have Internet connectivity so Allonis can remotely manage the computer software.
The myServer 6 controller is set for DHCP mode.  It will get it's IP address from the Control Network's DHCP server (typically from a Router).
The webserver address will then be: http://<<the dhcp IP address>/name of the bar  Allonis will provide the details to your project once it is on the network and Internet.  This is the address you use on the "iPad" Safari browser to access the webpage.
It is required that all devices on the Control Network (including myServer 6 controller) be issues either a static address or Reserved DHCP address so it never changes even after a reboot.  This is the most common issue on installations if this is not followed.

Optional Display: For most all systems, no monitor is used.  However, on the left are two stacked HDMI connectors.  Optionally, the Top connector can be connected to a standard HDMI monitor to access the Operating System Desktop.  The bottom HDMI is for Extended Desktop, which very rarely would be used.  Depending on the monitor, best results are to have the HDMI monitor plugged in and then boot the myServer 6 controller.

Power: The power supply must be connected to a Uninterupptable power supply for most reliable performance.  Power is NOT to be cycled by disconnecting / connecting the power.  This can corrupt the memory.  Once the system is running, there will be a Power button on the user interface that will gracefully power down the system.  Once powered down, the power can be disconnected.  The system will boot once repowered.

Once connected apply 110volt AC power to the power supply. There may also be an inline switch at the USB-C connector.  Turn this on and you will see a small blue LED lit. You will see the fan turn on, and some flashing lights next to the USB-C power connector.  If there is ethernet network traffic, the RJ45 jack will blink.
It is not needed for the fan or the computer to be removed from the mount unless instructed by Allonis for addressing an issue.





Next Steps: Let Allonis know the system is online so final configuration and testing can be scheduled.

The great majority of the time if the above procedure is used there will not be any issues.
If the myServer 6 controller cannot be seen on the network, plug a standard known good laptop ethernet connector into the same category cable to ensure you can access the Internet from it.

Note that the system is in 30 day trial on first startup.  Once the trial has expired, you will not see Apps or Drivers in the installed list.  Just apply a license that has enough Device License Units and on next restart, they will be back with the original configuration.

Contact Allonis for all other issues.  Note that as of this writing, there has not been a single hardware failure in the hundreds of installations that haven't been caused by misuse or not following the above instructions.


Raspberry Pi 4 use the arm64 release. Intel and amd boxes use linux-x64 releases.