Allonis provides a simple, consumer grade Wifi Router configured to run simple systems for Trade show demo booths, demonstration systems, small homes, etc.

Here is how it is setup:

Plug in Netgear Router power supply into UPS and power this up first.


Ethernet Connection of the system:

  • Optional Internet connected LAN (for Allonis to remotely connect to the system) connects to WAN connector (yellow) of Netgear Router.
  • LAN connections of Netgear then plug into devices and / or unmanaged ethernet network switch.
  • Connect each device into the ethernet network switch ports.

Wifi connection to the system

To control the system, you can connect to the Netgear Router via Wifi: Allonis / allonis123

Allonis remote connection to the system

The WAN port of the Netgear Router can be connected to an Internet accesible network.  The router will get it's WAN IP address from the Internet network's DHCP server.  The myServer controller has TeamViewer running on it that will then be accessible by Allonis for programming or troubleshooting assistance.  No external dedicated public IP address is required on the WAN.


System configuration

Netgear R6260 router) IP  admin / Allonis123  Wifi: Allonis / allonis123

myServer 6) IP:

Setting up an iPad

settings / safari / request desktop website / all website = off

Player1) IP:

Player2) IP:

Player3) IP:

Player4) IP:

Cloud9) IP:


Boot Order

Boot the Wifi Router first.  Let it fully get online.  It is the DHCP server for all other devices.

Connect Laptop Wifi to WifiRouter (Allonis network / Allonis123)

Boot myServer 6 controller

You can then start the show via the Laptop browser:


Example network ranges




# myServer Clients - 9




# Global Cache/IP2IR  IP2IR Devices



# Video Matrix Devices


# Audio Matrix Devices (DBX default node 30)


# TV (IP controlled)


# Lighting Controllers




Advanced networking controls:



sudo nmap

adb devices

adb connect

sudo nmap -p-  Detects ports open

adb disconnect