myServer Software Suite

The myServer software suite is highly configurable and designed to meet a variety of needs in many environments. You begin by purchasing the core server application (myServer) and then add on the supporting modules to cover the functionality you are looking to achieve.

The following table describes all the available modules and their purpose. Simply click on the ones you need and they will be added to your shopping cart. Prices shown are MSRP. Your actual price will be shown once they have been added to the shopping art and you have logged into the system.

For added convenience we have created several myServer bundles that contain all the software modules required to perform a specific function. You can save money by purchasing one of these bundles.

The core of the suite is myServer.

myServer Software Components

Combination packages
ML3/4 Upgrade
Home Automation
 myInstaller  Application
Installs and Updates Allonis software
User interface design tool
 myServer  Application
Primary server component
 2014 SQL  Server
myServer's Database
Monitors myServer and myAgent running status
User Interfaces
Runs on Android OS (iOS will be available soon)
iPhone 5,6, 6p
 Android  Phone
 Android  Tablet
 Add 5 Client  Licenses
  Most Drivers are free upon purchase of the associated Family license.  There is no ML4 to myServer Family license upgrade fee if purchased prior (unless otherwise noted).      
Device Families
 Audio Visual
AV Receivers, Amps, Blu-Ray players, multi zone controllers
Thermostats (Nest, RCS, RadioThermostat, etc)
Relays, irrigation controllers
Energy Monitoring hardware
Lighting controllers (Insteon, UPB, Vantage, Wink, ISY, etc)
 Pool and  Spa
Pool controllers (Pentair, Jandy)
Security panels (Elk, DCS, Napco, etc)
Motorized shades and drapes
Matrix switching hardware
Video cameras and DVRs
Premium Drivers
Lutron Homeworks
Media Apps
 myContent  Application
Manages Movie, Music, Recipe content
Amazon Prime Movies and TV series
HEOS Media Application
 Internet  Radio
Channels from around the world
KODI Media Application
World's most advanced movie cataloging and playback system
Multizone hard drive based music system
Netflix streaming movie catalog and plyaback
PLEX Media Application
Choose photos to view from your hard drive folders
Spotify streaming music service
TuneIn streaming music service
Services Apps
Trigger home or media events based on your phone's location
Scheduled or manual operation of your irrigation system
 Voice  Recognition
Speak to myServer and it will perform a task
Content Apps
7,000 drink concoctions
Google Calendar integration
27,000 recipes to savior
Manage and view your fine art collection
Manage and view your wine collection
 RSS Feeds
See your favorite RSS feeds on your on wall touchscreen
View current and forecasted weather. Trigger your irrigation system based on tomorrow's weather.
Pricing includes license to use that software product perptually on one myServer PC.  All myServer purchases after July1, 2017 will include one year enrollment in Allonis's Software Subscription Updates program.  This entitles the user access to all software updates for their purchased products on the day the update was published.  This can include new features, modification to existing features, bug fixes, security patches etc.  Once the annual subscription has expired, it can be renewed for an additional fee.  Critical patches will be made available without the subscription on a less regular basis.
Price $249.99