Automation Examples


Here is where having an automation system gets interesting...

Doorbell Notifications

Lets say you have a Z-Wave doorbell.  And, you have added support for that in myServer using the myZWave controller.  The doorbell is added to the Lighting Family automatically (as device lighting_201 - example) once the controller's device list is read in (in myZWave Driver).  You have configured the myZWave controller to send to myServer a status update message whenever the doorbell is pushed.  With that message, myServer can add next level value.

What if we want to:

  • Get an SMS message to my phone ("David") that someone is at the front door
  • Popup a message on all myServer clients (browser and myUI)
  • Speak through the whole house audio system that "Someone is at the door"

Here's how:

  1. Click in myServer the Automation rules button
  2. Click the + button to add a new rule
  3. The "Rule Editor" will open.  Click "When" button
  4. To the right of Select Variable, click the Refresh button (two circular arrows) to populate the variable names.  This might take a few seconds depending on how many variables your system is tracking.
  5. Once the list populates scroll down to: "lighting_201_status" and click on it (as example)
  6. Select a Set Condition from the drop down list: "changes value"
  7. Click the Set button.
  8. Click the Then button
  9. Copy: If|IsEqual##{{lighting_201_status}}##on##Macro|WebCmd|All~Toast|Info~Door Bell~Someone is at the door~5000!WebCmd|All~Speak|Someone is at the door!SendSMS|David~Someone is at the front door##
  10. Paste that example macro into the myServer Command field.  You will note that "David" is configured in myServer User's list and his phone number is setup.
  11. Click the Set button.
  12. Click the Save button.
  13. Click the Close button.

You have just created a doorbell sequence of events!  You'll never miss someone at the door again!