What's New with the myServer Suite

What's new for myServer Suite

If you are a user or dealer of MLServer, then you are really going to love the myServer software suite.

MLServer had it's roots in automating home theater experience.  myServer takes it to the next level by adding additional media sources like Google's Play Music.

You can't say myServer is "new".  It is the fifth generation of the world's most advanced home automation and media control system.

The software is now completely HTML5 web server based.  Gone is the out of date Flash user interface.  This allows for media to be completely integrated within your control system built with secure, reliable and current software.  The include sample pages will scale to your device so you don't have to recode for each device.  Samples included for Phones and for Tablets.

The back end system is now blazing fast.  Leveraging HTML5 technology, images are cached at the client so they view quickly.  Any device (PC, iPad, Android Tablet, Surface Tablet, iPhone etc) can be a display device.  This saves LOTS of money as it reuses technology you already own, know and love!

myServer now supports user access control.  You can login so that your home's system can be securely managed from the Internet.  No need to login when your phone is within your Home's WiFi for convenience.

Brand new myUI Android application (iOS is in development) allows for Geo-boundry events like "turn on the driveway lights when I am getting close to home".  Voice recognition is also now supported "Turn on the Study overhead lights".  Use your Android phone as an intercom to your Android in-wall tablet, anywhere when connected to the Internet.

The new Task Scheduler is an industry first:  The ability for non techies to schedule and automate tasks without knowing anything about the system!  Comes with a very intuitive user interface.

Wow, wow, wow: myServer now supports "Aides" that dramatically simplify the complex setup of media sources and zones.  Struggle with this in the past?  No longer.

Zone control:  Advanced Zone audio and video works nearly out of the box for Allonis's streaming applications.  Completely customizable for hardware based zone control.

myServer comes with functional screens for iPhone, iPad, Surface, Android Phone sized devices for out of the box functionality.  Included myDesigner is for those of us who love to tinker and customize the user interface to our exacting requirements.  Change to color of your living room?  Match the on-wall iPad to the room.  Right down to the font and the button shape.  An interior decorator's dream!  You can't do that with Control-4 or Savant.  And it would take a dealer dozens of hours ($$) to do this in Crestron after attending a week of training.  With myDesigner:  No training needed.  Allonis does provide optional "Quick Start" assistance to get you up to speed quickly.  Learn from the Experts!

myServer now supports Auto Updates...Allonis updates software on a regular basis.  You can now choose for your server to nightly check for updates, download, shutdown, install, restart automatically.

Will it control my hardware?

You bet.  We continue to add support for dozens of new hardware devices including those connected by Z-Wave.  Our Device Family architecture allows you to mix and match all kinds of hardware into one system and your rules, user interfaces, and event logic doesn't need to be changed.  We aren't aware of any system that controls more hardware and software products than Allonis's myServer.  We have 15 years of experience integrating products.  Our Business Strategy is not about a closed ecosystem.  We want to help you control what you have and want.

Do we have Apps?  Allonis has developed best in industry solutions completely integrated within the system including a Wine lookup and database, a Bartender (how do I mix that?), a Fine Art (my collection), myPhotos (pictures of the kids and my toys).  myServer supports most all streaming music, movie and TV series providers, and more.  All available from a single easy to use user interface.

If you have a Sports Bar or Restaurant:  We support all major TVs, DVRs, audio and video matrix switches, all types of communication devices to make it super easy to turn on / off the system and to choose what your patrons are watching and where.  Integrated with our Wine and Drink lookup databases.  Can display on most Point of Sale systems too.  Give us a call.

Many of you have asked "what's going on with MLServer".  This is the answer you have been waiting for!!  Two years of further development as a complete rewrite of MLServer4 looking for improvements everywhere.  The Purchase, the Installation, the Configuration, the Flexibility, the Capability, the Use, the Reliability, the Total Cost, the Support.  We have reengineered for all.

Interested?  Check out the Software Suite Overview page for product pricing including upgrades and bundled savings.  Don't forget that myServer software installs with a 30 day free trial.  You can install in right next to your existing MLServer setup (Windows 7 or newer).  Our myInstaller app makes it simple to upgrade your system by importing all of your MLServer4 macros, devices, rules, etc.  It's been a while since you updated your system.  Now is the perfect time!

Don't forget that Allonis sells myServer pre-installed on robust fast controller hardware to make it really easy.  Perfect if you are running on an old XP OS / hardware.

Software Suite Overview

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