myServer Restarting?

Is your myServer system shutting down or restarting on it's own?

Follow the information in this article to troubleshoot.

Watchdog works by trying to send a "Ping" command into the server via its REST interface. If it does not get a response back within 30 seconds then it increments the server issue count. If that count reaches 3 then it assumes the worst and will restart the server. So you need to look for things that can tie up the main server thread. Most likely it is a driver trying to poll something that does not exist. Look in your driver event logs first for errors or timeout messages. If you identify the issue please report here what it was. It may speak to a change required in the driver in issue.

myServer may still be running, but it's webserver may not be accesible.

This can be caused from a networking problem where the webserver port configured in myServer is for some reason no longer allowing Watchdog access to myServer's webserver.  This has to be fixed in the firewall router that is being used on the network.

Another possibility is that the webserver has run out of "threads" allocated from the Operating System.  For Windows, this can be diagnosed by running Windows SysInternals Process Explorer  One just runs myServer, opens Process Explorer and double click on the myServer instance.  If you see the thread count consistently raising over time, then follow the rest of this article and report any uncorrectable issues to Allonis.  Note that the thread count naturally goes up and down but shouldn't consistently go up.

Look at myServer event log to see if any errors are noted.  Note the time stamp when the server was restarted.

Look at the Windows Event Log to see what was occuring at the time myServer was restarted.  Especially note if a Windows Update was recently done.  If there was a recent Windows Update, possibly a system restart is all that is needed.  Generally, for dedicated myServer controller PCs, we turn Windows Updates off during the system configuration.

Look at all driver and application logs within myServer to detect an issue.  Note the logs just before myServer was restarted.

Once you have recorded all event logs, double check that myServer isn't running any unnecessary drivers or applications.  For those that are wanted, ensure they are properly configured.  It is best to ensure all devices configured are online.  If a device isn't expected to be used, then remove it's connection from the device configuration.

Run myInstaller, ensure you have logged into myInstaller with your active subscription manager account and double check that the system is using all latest releases.  It is important that all software is latest as often there are depencies from one driver / application to another.  Certainly ensure myServer is up to date.  Also ensure the latest javascript files are in place that myDesigner is used to update within your HTML project folders.

If you recently updated or added a new driver / app / HTML project change, that's an area to concentrate on.

myServer for most systems runs very reliably.  Once in a while, especially for a system that is actively being modified, there can be issues.  Follow the above diagnostic steps to understand the root cause.  As always, post your results on the Allonis forum for additional assistance.