Voice Recognition - VoxCommando

From a forum post by ggraef (thank you for the contribution!)

The quality of this depends entirely on the choice of microphone (there are good discussions on the Voxcommando web-site). It can be a bit of a challenge to setup mics for whole house use.

There are three pieces to this:
1. Setup a new command macro in myServer for an action. For example, I have "voice.theater.disc" to set everything in my theater for playing bluray.
2. In VoxCommando, setup a new command with an action of "EventGhostSend" and parameter, e.g. "HT.Play.BluRay", which will be sent to EventGhost for this particular command
3. In EventGhost, add a configuration item with an event corresponding to the parameter in vox, e.g. "Broadcast.HT.Play.BluRay". Add an action of "eventghost, python script". The script looks like this, sending a http request to myServer with the command macro from step 1.

import urllib
dtv2 = ""

Another possibility, which would require more work to write a skill (likely just a simple http to myServer), would be Mycroft-- which is an open-source version of Alexa/google home that can be run on a Raspberrry Pi. Haven't tried this but it's on my list of things to tinker with. Maybe voice would catch on in my house this time