TVListings Installation

TVListings downloads data from the XMLTVListings service and creates variable within myServer.

This allows you to display current guide information in your myServer user interfaces.  Example would be to display what is playing on each DirecTV tuner box.  Very helpful if you are supporting a Sports Bar with many TVs, and many DirecTV source boxes.

To install, 

First create an XMLTVlistings account:

The service is currently $19.99 annually.  You can configure up to 5 channel listings.  A "listing" is, for example, Detroit DirecTV.  Or Detroit Broadcast.  You can receive up to 5 data polls per day.  So, if you have two listings, you can receive both of them twice a day, plus one more.

Required is myServer, myTVListings license, Internet connection to the myServer PC, and an active subscription to XMLTVListings.

  1. Shut down myServer
  2. Startup myInstaller.
  3. Once myInstaller completes it's scan of your downloaded and installed software, select myTVListings and download.
  4. Once download is complete install it on the myServer PC.
  5. Restart myServer.
  6. Select Server Apps.
  7. Find myTVListings and open it.
  8. Click on the Configuration Tab.
  9. Enter your API key in the field that you received in your XMLTVListings user account.
  10. Click Save.
  11. You can wait a few seconds, and then click the Get Listings.
  12. Wait a few more seconds and click the Channel LIneups Refresh button.  You should see your subscribed listings.
  13. You can then click the Selected Lineup Channels Refresh button.  In a few seconds you should see all of your subscribed channels.  You can modify the list on the XMLTVListings website to omit channels you don't use, don't want to see, can't reach.

 Once configured, you will see variables populated in myServer that can be used in HTML pages to display the TV Now Playing data.