Roku Application Installation


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Welcome to the Roku Application for myServer.

Roku is a highly popular media management content system and player.  Now, you can add a user interface within your myServer system where you can view your Roku managed movies, launch and control the Roku player.  The movie is then playing on the Roku client device.

The Roku Driver is very flexible.  Of course the user interface is completely configurable using myDesigner!


This driver, a member of the AV Family, will give you remote control of all Roku functions. Including launching of the apps installed on your Roku player.

There is no configuration required for this driver. Once installed it will automatically discover your Roku players on the network and add them into Family Manager as AV devices. The myUI Tablets has a sample Roku control scene.

This driver CANNOT launch a Netflix or Amazon movie from a myServer UI on a Roku player. It CAN launch the Netflix or Amazon app but the command parameter required to tell the app what movie to play remains a deep dark secret that remains to be uncovered.

The driver will query each Roku player to get its list of installed apps.

 System Requirements:

  • myServer v5 (latest as of 1/3/2019 +)
  • Microsoft Windows (7,8,10) with .NET installed
  • PC with persistent Internet connection (for movie metadata lookup)
  • PC accessible hard drive with enough room for movie storage (figure ~7gig per DVD and 28gig per Blu-Ray movie)
  • Roku device running on the same network as myServer.


Setup Folder shares for your movie storage directories:

  1. On the windows 10 PC make sure the movie folder permissions have the group "Users" having full control.
  2. Share the folder with the group "Everyone" having read/write access. (At least read).
  3. From the other PCs click Start/Run and type \\<<windows 10 PC name>>\<<windows 10 share name>>. e.g. \\Server\Videos
  4. This should bring up an authorization dialog asking for a username and password for the Windows 10 pc.
  5. Enter the username in the form <<windows 10 PC name>>\<<windows 10 username>> e.g. Server\Admin
  6. Enter the Windows 10 user's password in the password box. Make sure "Remember" is checked off before clicking ok. That way you only have to do this once.


App Installation:

  1. Shutdown myServer.
  2. Download and run the Roku Application installer from myInstaller on the primary myServer PC.
  3. Download and install latest myDesigner.  Run it and Update Project Files on all HTML projects.
  4. Restart myServer.


Roku Configuration:

  1. Configure Roku for movie playing following Roku's documentation.
  2. Ensure Roku is on same network as myServer.
  3. You will be asked to restart Roku.
  4. Restart Kodi to ensure your settings are in effect.


Roku myServer Driver Configuration:

  1. Ensure Roku is running on the network
  2. Click on myServer's Device Driver button
  3. Double click on Roku Driver
  4. Click on the Roku Players Tab within the Roku Driver.
  5. Click on the Discovery button.  In a minute or so, you should see your Roku device(s) appear.  Discovery uses UPnP to find all Roku devices.  You cannot manually configure a Roku device.
  6. Once your Roku device(s) are found, ensure the Roku device that has your Kodi library on it to be selected as "Default".
  7. Close the Roku Driver
  8. Note: If you change IP address on the Roku player (move from WiFi to ethernet as example), then manually delete the old player within the AV Family.  ReDiscover the Roku device.
  9. The Roku Driver enables remote control of the Roku player from within myServer.
  10. Perform a Quick Command: Roku|1~CacheImages on the Roku player. This will download the artwork from the internet to the local primary Roku device


State Variable Configuration:

To select the Roku player from the Roku.html, you need to associate the Roku player to a given Zone.

  1. Open the State Variables panel
  2. Select under Zones, the name of the zone the Roku player is in.
  3. Click on that same Zone to open it's edit panel (eg: "Theater")
  4. Copy and paste the below into the edit panel  Roku{{roku_activeplayer_{{clientname}}}}~PlayMovie~<<file>>
  5. Cick the Save button.  Have patience while the changes are saved and the panel is closed
  6. Click the Family Manager Save button.


Play a movie:

  1. Open the Roku.html user interface within a browser.
  2. Select the Zone (bottom right)
  3. Select Source button
  4. Choose the Zone you would like to watch (and the one configured for Kodi player)
  5. Choose Movies under the Watch menu.  The myMovies user interface should open.
  6. Click on Movie Selections
  7. Select a movie
  8. Click Play Movie
  9. Roku player should now start playing the movie
  10. You can click the Remote Control button to remotely control the Kodi player transport controls.
  11. Enjoy the Movie!

Note you can also configure myMovies to play via a Roku player using:


Ok, Let's setup myMusic HERE