Google Calendar Installation

Allonis A 128

Welcome to the Google Calendar App for myServer5.

If anyone is using Google Calendar we now have an app for you. The new Calendar app will allow you to define and unlimited number of Google accounts and then will let you browse the calendar entries from within the software. The iPad and Android sample scenes have been updated with a sample scene. The myServer sample scenes include a sample user interface. Give it a test and let us know how it works. It is meant to be a quick read-only view of the appointments calendars. Depending on need other features could be added.

System Requirements

  • myServer version 5. or later Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 10)
  • PC with persistent Internet connection
  • Google account that supports Google Calendar


  • Download and run the App from myInstaller on the primary myServer PC.
  • You can optionally download the sample UI Apps for myServer and install them on your myServer PCs.
  • Restart myServer.

The Calendar app does not dynamically poll Google for the calendar entries. It needs the user to browse for them. You could set up a timer to simulate the user browsing but then it would be very difficult to write an automation rule that looks for values in the calendar entries because it involves multiple server variables and a rule would have to be written for each variable. We'd have to add more intelligence into the Calendar app to make it easier to build automation rule.

 Group Calendars

Within Google Calendar, you can add a group calendar - for example your family. You can have up to six members of the group.

Once you add the group calendar, you can add members to that group.
When the members receive their invitation email and accept, they can add appointments to the group's calendar.
Ensure your group's calendar is selected within Google Calendar settings

Within myServer's Calendar app, authenticate to you Google account's calendar.

You should now see your calendar PLUS your group's calendar within myServer's UI.

To change which calendar is authenticated within myServer, click the Deauthenticate button within the myServer Calendar Applet and then Authenticate to the new Google account.  You then need to go into your Google Calendar and remove the "Apps with access to your account" and remove the entry for myCalendar.  Then, the next time you authorize you should see a browser window asking to grant access to myCalendar from the new account.

myServer Variables

App Server Variables= The App will auto generate variables in myServer based on the settings you have entered. These are most of the variables, look at the myServer5 Server Variables for current variables generated. Calendar|Template:Gcalendar account 1 alias~SetActiveAccount Appname_variable