Geo Location Installation

myServer now can proactively perform actions based on where you are. Install Allonis' myUI App on your smartphone and then turn on location services. Within myServer you can define geo locations - like your home or business. You can then define actions to run when you enter or exit your geo-location. Open your driveway gate as you arrive. Turn on your lights as you approach. Welcome yourself with a "Hello James" via your intercom. The limit is your creativity!


  • Install myUI on your Android phone
  • Allow for location services when asked on first myUI launch
  • Install Geo Location app on the myServer PC from myInstaller
  • Start myServer
  • Within the GeoLocation app, configure your geo boundaries
  • Define a Macro for either Ingress (triggers when coming into your geoboundary) or Egress (triggers when leaving)
  • Create a unique name for the boundary.
  • Filter geo rules by device then first make sure your devices all have unique client names. Then in the ingress or egress commands use a conditional e.g.

    If|IsEqual##{{clientname}}##SamsPhone##Take action##

  • Save your new definition.
  • Ensure the myUI app is running on your phone and test your triggers.
  • We have found that there is a fair amount of varience on when an event is triggered due to the phone's inprecise GPS so don't use this for any critical functions.



Price $49.99