AV Family Installation

About This Family Driver

allows control of your matrix switcher device. It allows for standarized myServer HTML5 scene configuration that the Switching Family Driver then routes the commands to the appropriate lighting controller. This allows for scenes to be reusable across multiple switching control technologies. It also allows for usage of multiple concurrant switching controllers.

Software Requirements: myServer5

Hardware specific driver from myInstaller: Available Drivers VideoStorm CMX1616A, CXMX1616V, CMX88, CMX84, CMR88 CRM84, CRM62,HMX42, HMX44, TMX89, VMX99 (More Coming Soon) Installation "Switcher.Type.Driver".dll

  1. Download the driver from myInstaller and install the driver that communicates with the type of switcher connected to myServer5. With myServer5 shutdown, run the "Switcher-Type"_Driver_exe. that coresponds to the type of switcher you have connected. This will install Switching driver to the myServer5/Driver directory. It is recommended to accept all installation defaults. Settings Configuring the alias and Global Cache IP address- Module# / Com Port for each of your switchers is done in the Family Manager.
  2. Click on the Add button and enter in the Global Cache IP address- Module# / Com Port of your thermostat and its friendly alias. Switching.Family.jpg
  3. To see the event logs, settings etc, open the selected device in the Device Driver tab. The switcher can be run in basic/ advanced mode and in audio/ video mode. These options are set in the settings tab with in the driver settings.


Switching.DeviceDriver.jpg Power Script Usage

Switching|Id~Power~State (Literal)


Switching|Switching1~Power~Off Switching|1~Power~Toggle

Parameters Id = The ID number or alias assigned within plugin.

State = The desired switcher power state. Values : On,Off,Toggle Description Sets the switchers power to the desired state.

Switch Script Usage

Switching|Id~Switch~Board~Input~Output (Literal)

Switching|Switching1~Switch~All~1~1 Switching|Switching1~Switch~DVID~3~1 Switching|Switching1~Switch~VID~Kitchen~off Switching|Switching1~Switch~VOL~1~<> Switching|1~Switch~VOLUP~1 Switching|1~Switch~VOLDOWN~1 Switching|1~Switch~MuteON~1 Switching|1~Switch~MuteOff~1 Switching|1~Switch~MuteToggle~1

Parameters Id = The switchers number or alias assigned in the plugin.

Board = The board to switch.

Values : All = Digital coax video Input = The number or alias of the input source to be used.

Output = The number or alias of the output to be used. This parameter may also be "Off", this will turn off the input source.

Description This command switches the specified input to be sent to the specified output.

Setup Script Usage Switching|Id~Setup~Option~State (Literal) Switching|Switching1~Setup~L~On Switching|Switching1~Setup~L~Off Switching|1~Setup~~Off Parameters Id = The switchers number or alias assigned in the plugin.

Option = The setup variable you would like to change.

Values : L = Lights State = The new state of the specified setup option.

Values : On,Off,Toggle Description This command sets the devices setup variables.

GetStatus Script Usage Switching|Id~GetStatus (Literal)

Switching|Switching1~GetStatus Switching|1~GetStatus Parameters Id = The ID number or alias assigned within plugin. Description Polls the Switcher and sets all variables.

Cycle Script Usage Switching|Id~Cycle~Output~Direction (Literal) Switching|Switching1~Cycle~Next Switching|Switching1~Cycle~Previous Switching|1~Cycle~Next Parameters Id = The switcher number or alias assigned in AV Family MatrixSwitcher.

Output = The number or alias of the output zone to use.

Direction = The direction to move to get the next input source.

Values: Next,Previous Description This command cycles the input source for the specified output zone in the specified direction. This command will not cycle through the outputs for the optional HD card. myServer5 Variables Switching_{{Id}}_Power

Description: The power state of the switcher

Values: On,Off Switching_{{Id}}_Lights

Description: The state of the lights on the switcher.

Values: On,Off Switching_{{Id}}_Video_Out_{{Output}}

Description: The input that the specified video output has selected.

Values: 1-8. Switching_{{Id}}_Audio_Out_{{Output}}

Description: The input that the specified audio output has selected. Values: 1-8.