Optoma Projector AV Driver Installation


The Optoma Driver is Allonis' application that provides a 2 way real time integration with an Optoma front projector within your myServer user interface.  This allows for automation of the projector when it's Movie Night!

System Requirements

  • myServer
  • AV Family App
  • Working Optoma projector serially connected to myServer Com Port
  • Optoma driver

Ensure you are serially connected between the projector RS-232 port and a com port accesible via the myServer PC.  Note which com port that device is using.

Also, you’ll want to ensure that:

  • the projector is setup with Active Power turned on.  This allows the projector to communicate via the RS-232 port even when it is turned "off".  Set this up in the projector Setup menu. 
      • Shut down myServer and install the Optoma driver using myInstaller.
      • Restart myServer
      • open AV Family manager and Add an entry for the projector
      • Configure the Com Port and add a unique name for the projector.  These settings will quickly be viewable in the Optoma Device Drivers Settings.
      • Restart myServer
    Create commands:
    • You can build commands and see all that are supported by going to myServer's Command Builder.  Choose the AV family, and then the Optoma driver.
    • AV|<id>~Power~On,Off,Toggle

    • If your projector is device ID "42" in the AV family then:  AV|42~Power~On

    • Search in the Variable list for "42" and you should see the status, lamp hours, input mode, name of the projector.  You can use these vars in your macros and in your user interfaces.