Russound Driver Installation

Russound Driver installation for myServer.

Russound makes some of the premier multichannel multizone amplifiers.  Allonis myServer makes it easy to control.

The Russound Driver knows how to talk bi-directionally to the hardware for a precision control. 


Price $99.99

How to Install Russound driver on myServer5


  • Purchase AV Family (see link below)
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the Russound driver listed in the Media category. Select and download it.
  • After the App is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer
  • Click on the Family Manager in the Server Apps window.
  • Double click on the AV folder
  • Click the Add button to add a new device row.
  • Type a "friendly name" like "Russound1"
  • Select the Russound driver
  • Select the Russound Model like "MCA88"
  • Type the Russound IP address, followed by a colon and the Russound Device ID: ie:
  • Select how the Russound controller is connected to myServer PC.  Typically for the first unit, this would be the Com port.  For subsequent units, it would be RNET.  Note that the first Russound RNET Out is connected via a CAT5 short cable to the second Russound RNET In connector.  And, the ID for the 2nd would be turned to the "2" position.
  • You can optionally type where the unit is, but that information isn't used by the system.
  • If you go to the Drivers area, you will see the Russound driver is now populated with your system choices.
  • Hit the Refresh button (the circle with arrows) and then Close the Family Manager App
  • Also when using GC serial ports you have to set the baud rate of the serial port using the GC's built in web page before trying to use it in the driver. The CAV wants to talk at 19.2K baud. Make sure the GC is at that baud rate.

Configure your audio zones:

  • Click on the Aides button in myServer
  • Click on Zones.
  • Create a new Zone by clicking the Plus button on the left.
  • Name your zone ("Pool")
  • Select the "Russound1 MCA88" in the Audio Switching Device dropdown
  • Select the Output number that you have used on the Russound for that zone's speakers or amplifier (if using the low level outputs instead of speaker outputs) in the Audio Switching Output dropdown.
  • Click Save
  • Create all next Zones same way

Viewing the results:

  • Go to your browser, go to your Home page on myUI.Tablet web app and click on the Zones button on bottom left.  Then click Sources button, then Google Play.
  • Select a channel to listen to in GMusic.
  • Enjoy the Music!

Note: in the below connection diagram, you will note that we have Controller1 zone 8 output connected back to the Allonis Server Microphone Input.  This is for Allonis's sound spectrum analyzer software to send messages to the Lighting Family.  Allonis's DMX / RGB controller then turns on the RGB lights to the beat of the music...and with the color intensity depending on the sound pressure in that spectrum!  cool stuff....

Connection Example: