Dish Driver Installation

Dish Driver is Allonis' application that provides a 2 way real time integration with a Dish Hopper DVR or Joey Mini Clients within your myServer user interface.

NOTE: The Dish Driver is undergoing Dish certification so it does not connect to the receiver at this time.

System Requirements

  • myServer
  • Licensed AV Family App
  • Dish receiver on the same IP network as myServer


1) Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller.

2) Install the latest version of the Dish driver and the AV Family.

3) Purchase the AV Family (if not already) 

Price $99.99

4) Restart myServer.

5) Go to the Dish driver.  Click on the Discovery Tab.  In a few minutes you should see your Dish receivers.

When you install the driver it will automatically discover the Dish devices on your network and add them to Family Manager. However, before you can control the DVR you must first go through an authorization process Dish calls "Pairing". You have to issue a Pairing request from the Driver while being in front of the TV the DVR is connected to. The DVR will display a 6 digit PIN Code that must be entered into the Driver. You only have to go through the Pairing once per DVR. You can do this all through the UI as shown below.

The DVR ("Hopper") will have only it's IP address ("").  No MAC address in the description field (delete if it's there from the Add Selected).

Mini Joey (clients) need the IP address of it's corresponding DVR (""), AND the MiniClient MAC address ("aa-bb-cc-dd-ee-ff") in the description field.  Joey devices are NOT supported by the driver at this time.

You can have one or more DVRs, each can have none to several Mini Joey's associated to a DVR.


1) You can run the Zone Builder to add a DVR to a particular Zone (optional).

2) You navigate to the Dish control webpage by clicking on the Menu / Media / Dish link.  Click the "Pairing" button to begin association of myServer to the Hopper DVR.

3) The Hopper will then display a pop up dialog box on the TV with a 6 digit Access Code.  Type the access code into the myServer screen dialouge box and click Confirm.

The system should now be authenticated for 2 way control!

Navigate to the Dish media screen, click a control button. Enjoy!

You can click the included drop down to select other DVRs or clients.  If you don't want to access the secondary DVRs from that menu, delete the drop down using myDesigner.  This might be used if a DVR (or miniclient) is always associated with only one Zone and is then selected with the Zone / Source selection buttons.