Media Player Classic Driver Installation

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Adding Movie Support with Media Player Classic.

Media Player Classic (MPC - BE edition) runs on a Windows PC and turns that PC into a "Home Theater PC" (HTPC).  When the PC is connected to a TV display or projector, and the audio output to a surround sound processor / amplifier / speaker system, you can achieve high end movie playback in your Theater room.  With myServer you can control that experience from your iPhone, your Android Tablet, or a handheld remote control.  Select your movie from the myMovies application.  Launch MPC automatically using myAgent.  Control the movie playback status using myMovies user interface.

A very high end experience using off the shelf PC components! 

The Media Player Classic driver falls within the AV Family license.

Click here to purchase the license:

Price $99.99


Driver to control the Media Player Classic software movie renderer

Software Requirements

  • myServer
  • MediaPlayerClassic Driver
  • Supported Hardware
  • PC running Media Player Classic and AVAgent

How to Install the Media Player Classic driver on myServer

  • Purchase the AV Family license from Allonis
  • Shutdown myServer5
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the MediaPlayer Classic driver listed in the AV category. Select and download it.
  • After the driver is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer

Media Player Classic Setup

  • Download and install Media Player Classic (BE version is better) on the PC that will be used as the Home Theater PC (HTPC).  This PC should be connected to your TV or projector.
  • To enable control of the Media Player Classic from Allonis's software, you must first make a change within the MPC menu system.
  • Run the installed application.  Click on View / Options.  Under the Player menu item, click Web interface.  Check the Listen to port: checkbox.  Port default is 13579.


  • On same MPC PC, install Allonis's myInstaller application.  
  • Once myInstaller is installed and running, install the myAVAgent application
  • Open myAgent.  On the Media tab, type the path to MPC.  Typically would be: C:\Program Files\MPC-BE x64\mpc-be64.exe on a 64 bit PC.  Click Save Settings in myAVAgent.
  • AVAgent should be running and typically hidden to the Tray.
  • In the Family Manager / AVFamily, add a new AV device and configure it with the name being "Theater MPC", the Driver being MPC, the Model as MPC Player and type the HTPC's IP address.  Select use Default IP Port.
  • In the Zone Builder, select the Zone name ("Theater") and select the "Theater MPC" as the Movie Player Device.  Click Save at the bottom of the properties window.
  • Restart myServer
  • Go to the home page and select the Zone "Theater", and select "Movie" from the Source menu.  The myMovies webpage should open.  Select a movie, and click Play Movie.
  • The Transport Controls should work from your Tablet (running myUI.Tablets.Sample user interface as example) and control the HTPC's Media Player Classic play modes (Play / Stop / Pause / FFwd, etc)


Supported Commands

The Media Player Classic Driver uses AVFamily commands



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