Dune HD Player Driver Installation

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Adding Movie Support with Dune HD Players.

The Dune HD player connects to the home's media server and can play 4K video content for a high end movie playback in your Theater room.  With myServer you can control that experience from your iPhone, your Android Tablet, or a handheld remote control.  Select your movie from the myMovies application.  Control the movie playback status using myMovies user interface.

A very high end experience using off the shelf components! 

The Dune HD driver falls within the AV Family license.

Click here to purchase the license:

Price $99.99


Driver to control the Dune HD movie renderer

Software Requirements

  • myServer
  • Dune HD Driver
  • Supported Hardware

How to Install the Dune HD driver on myServer

  • Purchase the AV Family license from Allonis.
  • Shutdown myServer5.
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the Dune HD driver listed in the AV category. Select and download it.
  • After the driver is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer.
  • Apply the AV Family license to myServer's License Manager.

Dune HD Setup

If your movie files are stored on a Windows file share then you should make sure that in the Dune settings that SMB sharing is turned on. Ensure that SMB is turned on on the file server PC in Windows Features.  Manually try browsing to the movie files on that share by using the native Dune UI to navigate to the files to make sure it can access them. If all of that is happy then playing movies via the myMovies User Interface should not have any issues.

  • In the Family Manager / AVFamily, add a new AV device and configure it with the name being "Theater Dune HD", the Driver being DuneHD, the Model as DuneHD Player and type the Dune's IP address.  Select use Default IP Port or Port 80 (whatever you setup the Dune with).
  • In the Zone Builder, select the Zone name ("Theater") and select the "Theater Dune HD" as the Movie Player Device.  Click Save at the bottom of the properties window.
  • Set the Dune as the active player for movies within myMovies application.
  • Ensure that the client name is setup for the device that will be used for the user interface.
  • Restart myServer
  • Go to the home page and select the Zone "Theater", and select "Movie" from the Source menu.  The myMovies webpage should open.  Select a movie, and click Play Movie.
  • The Transport Controls should work from your Tablet (running myUI.Tablets.Sample user interface as example) and control the Dune HD's play modes (Play / Stop / Pause / FFwd, etc)
  • The variable {{movies_activeplayer_{{clientname}}}} should be pointing to the Dune device ID.


Supported Commands

The Dune HD Driver uses AVFamily commands


It is not possible to launch Netflix movies on the Dune HD player.



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