iTunes Sync Installation

A device driver called iTunesSync is available for download. This driver is used to keep your myMusic database in sync with your iTunes Music collection.

Why do I need iTunesSync?

If you use iTunes for managing all your Music and you do not want to have to use Content Manager to manually keep myMusic in sync with your iTunes collection, especially iTunes Playlists then you will want to use this driver.

Using this driver means you SHOULD NOT use Content Manager for managing your music. Edits you make in Content Manager can and will be overwritten by the iTunes source data.

This driver is a member of the A/V Family. It only supports 2 commands. Sync and FullSync. A Sync looks for changes made to the iTunes collection within the past day.  A FullSync syncs everything.

Prior to installing the driver you should initialize your myMusic database and remove any library folders that overlap with iTunes.
After installing the driver create a new AV Family device. You only need to define the Network address of the PC where iTunes is installed. The driver will automatically search the folders on the PC to locate the iTunes database file.

If iTunes is on a remote PC you must make sure the the user logged into the myServer PC can access the remote PCs hidden C drive share on the remote PC.

Once all set up the driver will look every 15 minutes to see if the iTunes database has changed. If it has it will run the Sync process.