Nest was aquired by Google. 

Here is a notification from Lutron that applies to myServer's Nest support as well:


Note: This update only impacts customers that own or plan to purchase Nest products (thermostats, cameras, CO detectors, etc). If you do not own or plan to own Nest products, your system will not be affected, and you may disregard this email.

Google has recently started inviting Nest customers to switch their Nest accounts to Google accounts. If you use a Lutron App* to work with or control Nest products and you wish to keep doing so, DO NOT CONVERT YOUR NEST ACCOUNT TO A GOOGLE ACCOUNT.

Google is removing the ability for other smart home brands, including Lutron, to work directly with Nest devices. They are unifying their smart home experience under a single platform, Works with Google Assistant. According to Google, they will build Nest functionality into the Google Assistant over time, but we don’t know when or if they will replicate everything Lutron can currently do with Nest.

So, if you wish to continue using features like controlling your Nest thermostat from the Lutron app or having your lights set to come on when your Nest smoke alarm goes off, do not convert your Nest account to a Google account.

Lutron will continue to work with Google during this transition and will provide you with updates to ensure the best Lutron experience for your smart home.