iPort Surface Mount Installation

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iPort surface mount installation

We recommend that this mount is placed in high traffic areas of your home.  The Foyer, the Kitchen and the Hallway make great sense.  Don't forget that you can use myPhotos to setup a slideshow when you aren't using the iPad as a control system.  Reflect on your kid's pictures and some great vacation memories as you walk by.

The iPort Surface with buttons requires an ethernet (Cat5/6) cable with POE (Power over Ethernet).  The iPort must be on the same network as myServer.

Typical network diagram:  

  • networking hub w/ POE <<<>>>iPort POE adapter <<<>>>iPort mount
  • same networking hub <<<>>> myServer PC

If your hub does not support POE, you can purchase a POE injector for just the iPort:

networking hub <<<>>> POE injector <<<>>> iPort POE adapter <<<>>> iPort mount

Configure and physically install the iPort following the directions they provide.

 Install myServer's iPort driver

  1. Purchase the Control Family license (if you haven't already received that from Allonis)
  2. Download the iPort driver from myInstaller and install it on the myServer PC
  3. Restart myServer
  4. Apply your Control Family license to myServer's Licensing tab.
  5. Go into the driver's settings and add the iPort's IP address and port (default is 10001)
  6. Ensure that your network / firewall allows this port's traffic to reach myServer


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Price $249.99