Harmony Hub Driver Installation

A new Control Family device driver has been released supporting the Harmony Hub and related Harmony remotes. Using this driver will give you direct control of the Activities and Devices that have been defined on the Hub.  myServer connects to the Harmony Hub on the local network.  Internet is not required.


The Harmony Hub driver is part of the Control Family License.  Click below to purchase the license.

MSRP $99.99


The native myServer Harmony Hub driver has been released. It is a member of the Control Family so you will create the primary serial devices in Family Manager and then the individual device control files are defined inside the driver itself. Similar to how the GlobalCache driver works.


At this point in time the driver is capable of sending one-way commands to devices. A future enhancement may allow for myServer to receive button presses from the remote. The Harmony Hub device is connected as a TCP networked device that uses a standard TCP connection.


Within the Harmony smartphone configuration app, go into Harmony Setup / Add and Edit Device and Activities / Remote & Hub /  Enable XMPP connectivity.  Ensure you synch your setting changes to the hub.

Once the driver is installed go into Family Manager and add a new Control Family device. Select the Harmony Hub driver.  You just have to enter the Hub's IP address and select the Default IP Port.

When the driver loads it will connect to all the defined Hubs. There is no limit to how many Hubs can be used. Development was done using a Harmony Elite Hub and remote.  A Harmony Companion remote and hub was tested as well.

Command builder will show you all the available commands and I am attaching a sample scene that you can use in your apps for exercising the Hub(s).

Here are some screen shots from the sample app showing the app browsing the Hub and executing the functions.

This is the Hub Browser's home page. Notice that you can select Activities or Devices or the Global Power Off Hub Activity.

Harmony Browser Home
Harmony1.png (93.27 KiB) Viewed 34 times

Select Activities and you can browse all the defined activities on the Hub. Clicking on the Activity name will run that activity on the hub.
Note: You can run that same Activity from a Macro by issuing the command Control|<<id>>~Activity~<<activity name>>

Harmony Activities
Harmony2.png (89.21 KiB) Viewed 34 times

Here we have browsed to the Devices on the Hub. One entry for every Device defined. Click on a Device to see it's command groups.

Harmony Devices
Harmony3.png (91.48 KiB) Viewed 34 times

Harmony breaks its Device commands into logical groups. Select the command group you want to execute.

Harmony Device Command Groups
Harmony4.png (101.76 KiB) Viewed 34 times

Now we're at the Function level for the selected device and command group. Click on the command to execute that Function on the hub.
NOTE: You can also execute the function directly in a Macro using the command Control|<<id>>~Send~<<device name>>~<<device function>>