USB_UIRT Driver Installation

Welcome to USB_UIRT Driver Installation

The USB_UIRT Driver is Allonis's application that provides a real time integration with a USB_UIRT USB connected within your myServer user interface for sending IR to IR controlled devices.  It is not reliant on an Internet cloud service.  myServer's USB_UIRT driver increases security, decreases response time and increases reliability compared to cloud approaches.

Note that the USB_UIRT is an older MLServer4 based driver and has not been ported to myServer5.  It will show up as a "Legacy Plugin" in myServer.  The Global Cache line of IR devices is a better, better supported choice if you are purchasing hardware.

System Requirements

    • myServer5
    • Control Family App
    • Working USB_UIRT controlled IR control system
    • USB_UIRT physically connected to myServer (via USB)



  1. Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller
  2. Install the latest version of the USB_UIRT driver and the Control Family
  3. Install the USB_UIRT driver.
  4. Connect the USB_UIRT to the USB port of myServer PC
  5. Restart myServer
  6. Manually add the USB_UIRT com port address as a Controller type in the Control Family Manager.
  7. Most likely you are missing the MSCOMCTL.OCX and comdlg32.ocx ActiveX components. Not having these files will prevent the database and macros dialogs from showing. If the old PC is still around copy those files from the windows\system32 folder and put them in the myServer folder. You'll have to register both of these files with Windows by opening an Admin command prompt and issuing a RegSvr32 MSCOMCTL.OCX and RegSvr32 comclg32.ocx commands.  (in Windows 10 64-bit) those files are  *.ocx files and located in windows/syswow64 folder. Copy them and registered them (has to be run from a command prompt and run as administrator).






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