IPRelay Installation

Allonis C 128

Welcome to IPRelay Driver Installation

The IPRelay Driver is Allonis's application that provides a real time integration with select IPRelays, both 8 and 16 channels  It is not reliant on an Internet cloud service.  myServer's IPRelay driver increases security, decreases response time and increases reliability compared to cloud approaches.

An IPRelay hardware is required for connectivity.

System Requirements

    • myServer5
    • Control Family License
    • Working IPRelay on the network with ability to be controlled via it's webpage.  Take note of the "Port" the relay is using.  Note:  this is not really a "Port" but a URL modification.  ie: you can't port forward to this port.  No matter what "port" is configured in the relay's embedded webpage, the unit is still on port 80.  But, myServer still needs to be configured with the correct URL mod.
    • IPRelay physically connected to myServer (via Ethernet)



  1. Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller
  2. Install the latest version of the IPRelay driver
  3. Configure the IPRelay device within the Control Family Manager of myServer PC.  Use a unique alias and the correct IP address.  Put the "Port" number in myServer's Family Manager Port field.
  4. Restart myServer


1) Use the Command Builder to see the Control Family control syntax and to test the device.

Alternative:  Turns Off Relay 1, Turns On Relay 1, Turns Off Relay 2, Turns On Relay 2 etc.


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