Energy Family Installation

About Energy Family

The Energy Family is used to control multiple styles of energy monitoring devices with a IP network, RS-232 or USB connection It allows for standarized myServer HTML scene configuration. This allows for scenes to be reusable across multiple energy monitoring technologies. It also allows for usage of multiple concurrant monitoring devices.

  1. Installation "Energy.Type.Driver".dll Download the driver from myInstaller and install the driver that communicates with the type of Energy Monitor connected to myServer5.
  2. With myServer shutdown, run the "Energy_Type"_Setup.exe. that coresponds to the type of energy monitor you have connected. This will install Energy driver to the myServer/Driver directory. It is recommended to accept all installation defaults.

Drivers available for this family driver are: T.E.D.1000 T.E.D.50000 (Note more Energy Monitors will be added)

Settings Configuring the alias and network IP address/ Com Port for each of your energy monitors is done in the Family Manager.

Click on the Add button and enter in the IP address/ Com Port of your device and its Energy alias.


The polling interval is set in the events tab in the Device Driver tab. Default is 5 seconds.

To see the event logs, etc, open the selected device in the Device Driver tab.


All commands are generated within the driver. There are no User commands.

myServer Variables:

All the Server Variables for this Driver begin with the prefix Energy_Energy#_ They will very some depending on the model of the Energy Monitor. Variables can be viewed in the Server Variables under the energy section.