Vantage Driver Installation

Vantage Lighting Driver is Allonis' application that provides a 2 way real time integration with a Vantage lighting controller within your myServer user interface.

System Requirements

  • myServer
  • Lighting Family App
  • Vantage .dc programming file
  • Working Vantage controlled lighting system on the same network as myServer


1) Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller.

2) Install the latest version of the Vantage driver and the Lighting Family.

3) Program the Vantage controller.

4) Update the Vantage Driver with your Vantage controller's IP address.

5) Restart myServer.

6) In the Lighting Family, select Vantage from the import sources and browse to your completed .dc programming file that the Vantage controller was loaded with.

7) You should see all of your Vantage lighting loads having been created in the Lighting Family.


1) Open the Lighting web page on your server.

2) You should see your Vantage defined Areas. Click one and you should see your Vantage defined lighting loads. Click a control. Enjoy!