ArtNet DMX Driver Installation

Welcome to ArtNet DMX Driver Installation

The ArtNet DMX Lighting Driver is Allonis's application that provides a real time integration with any ethernet connected ArtNet DMX controller within your myServer user interface.  It is not reliant on an Internet cloud service.  myServer's ArtNet DMX driver increases security, decreases response time and increases reliability compared to cloud approaches.

System Requirements

    • myServer5
    • Lighing Family App
    • Working ArtNet controlled lighting system
    • ArtNet controller (DMXKing eDMX1 Pro) physically connected to myServer (via USB or Serial cable)



  1. Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller
  2. Install the latest version of the Artnet driver and the Lighting Family
  3. Install the ArtNet lights and controller
  4. Use a 3rd party ArtNet control software to ensure the hardware and data connection is working correctly
  5. If you are using a USB ArtNet controller, install the ArtNet driver software.  Note the com port it is installed to.
  6. Connect the ArtNet Controller to the serial port or USB port of myServer PC
  7. Update the ArtNet Driver with your controller's com port.  Ensure no other applications are communicating to the controller at the same time as myServer.
  8. Restart myServer
  9. Manually add the ArtNet Controller's address as a Controller type in the Lighting Family Manager.



1) Open the Lighting web page on your server
2) You should see your Lighting Family defined Areas. Click one and you should see your ArtNet defined lighting loads. Click a control. Enjoy!

3) You should find examples of how to use RGB lights in the myUI_Tablets_Sample project:  Pool.html



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