Lutron Caseta Driver Installation

Lutron has been one of the leaders in the lighting industry.  Caseta is their affordable and feature rich wireless lighting system.




Driver to control the Lutron Caseta lighting system

The below documentation is DRAFT.

Software Requirements

  • myServer
  • Lutron Driver
  • Caseta Smarthome PRO hub
  • Supported Caseta compatible hardware

How to Install the Lutron driver on myServer

  • Purchase the Lighitng Family license from Allonis.
  • Shutdown myServer5.
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the Lutron driver listed in the AV category. Select and download it.
  • After the driver is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer.
  • Apply the LightingFamily license to myServer's License Manager.

Caseta Setup

This driver is a standard Lighting Family driver that allows for remote control of all Caseta lighting devices and accepts input from the Pico wireless remotes near instantly.

Configure your Caseta lighting network using the Lutron App on your smartphone.

  • Within the Lutron app, click the Settings "gear" and then Advanced.
  • Click Integration and check the Telenet Support radio button.
  • Click the Send Integration Report button.  This will email your Caseta device configuration file to your email address.
  • Click on the Network Settings tab and note the IP Address.  You can also turn OFF DHCP and input a non-used IP address (recommended).

Go to the myServer Devices window and double click on the Lutron Driver.

  • Within the driver, click on the Devices tab.
  • Select Caseta from the Controller Configuration window.
  • Input the IP Address that is assigned to the Caseta SmartHub Pro.
  • The default username is "lutron" and the password is "integration"
  • Click Save Settings from the File menu.
  • Restart myServer.
  • You should have received an email from the Lutron App with your Caseta lighting devices.  Save the attached file to a file location.  The Caseta app allows you to email the configuration file. Email the file and then go into Family manager and add the lights. Add a new item and set the address to the integration id. Set the model to Switch or Dimmer as appropriate. There is an import function but Lutron has made a change to the Caseta json format and the driver has not been updated yet to work with the new format.
  • Select "Import" and find where you saved your Caseta settings file.

Check the import in the myServer Lighting Family device list.


You will need to define the Caseta lighting devices in Family Manager. The setup should look like the attached image.The first time you run the driver and after you add the AV Family items you will have to manually kick off the sync process. You can either issue the AV|<<server id>>~Sync command or press the Sync button on the devices tab in the driver. Command Builder will have all the available Lighting Family commands.



Supported Commands

The Plex driver's PlayMovie command just sends a command to the Plex server to play the movie on the Plex player. It looks like



PlexServer = IP address of the Main Plex server
PlexPlayerAddr = Address or Name of the Plex Player as defined in the Plex server
PathToMovie = Full UNC File path to the movieFor example



You can simulate this by just opening the URL in any web browser. Try manually doing this on your server and see what gets returned in the browser? Plex could have changed the URL syntax.

To play a movie on a Plex player you need to use the Plex driver's PlayMedia command.AV|{{movies_activeplayer_{{clientname}}}}~PlayMedia~{{movies_selection_plexkey_{{clientname}}}}Where {{movies_activeplayer_{{clientname}}}} is the id or alias of the Plex Player AV Family device.and {{movies_selection_plexkey_{{clientname}}}} is the unique Plex key that was imported into myMovies during a Plex sync.When using Plex you will have to swap out the default Playmovie command that is on the sample movie scenes with the Plex specific Play Media command.Command builder will have all the available Plex commands. Try this command and show me the Plex driver's event log if it does not work.



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