ELK Security Installation

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Adding Security Support with an ELK M1 System.


Elk products makes a great security panel.  Now you can leverage it in your myServer automation system!


myServer allows bi-directional communication with the ELK panel.  You can read status of any ELK device, arm / disarm the panel via the myServer user interface, trigger relays attached to the ELK and much more.  Tremendous flexibility!

Price $99.99

BTW, if you need to install more than one ELK security panel, please ask Allonis for a version that can support more then one panel.

How to Install the ELK driver on myServer


  • Purchase the Security Family license from Allonis
  • Shutdown myServer5
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the ELK driver listed in the Security category. Select and download it.
  • After the driver is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer

Configuring the ELK Driver

  • Double click on the ELK driver in the myServer Device Drivers window.
  • Click on the Devices tab
  • Click the radio button if you are using Serial or a Network Connection.
  • If serial port, click the drop down to select the comport.  Type the Baud Rate (default baud rate 11500)
  • Ensure ELKRP is not connected to the panel.  Both myServer and ELKRP cannot be connected to the ELK panel at the same time.
  • If "Use Network Connection", type the ELK's IP address and the non-secure port you have configured to connect (default is 2101).
  • Click the Read Configuration button.
  • Your ELK configuration will now import into myServer and automatically populate the devices in the Family Manager Security.
  • Double check that your Area 1 is id 1001 in myServer.

Using the ELK panel in your system:

  • In ElkRP (myServer shutdown, ELKRP open and connected to the panel), open up your user account for the user code you will use. In the "user authorizations" box, ensure that everything is checked EXCEPT "Access". "Access" should NOT be checked."  Send this to the Panel.  The User Code "Access" attribute is intended for use with the prox card readers. When the card is presented to the reader and the M1 determines it's a valid card, the "Access" event is set. This "Access" event can be used in the M1 rules to, for example, turn on an output to unlatch a door.
    The reason why the system will not by default Arm with the "Access" attribute set, is that it requires an added step of pressing the "exit" or "stay" key after the code has been entered in order to fully arm. 
  • Go to your browser, go to your Home page on myUI.Tablet web app and ensure system is Disarmed and Ready.
  • Click on the onscreen keyboard your User Access Code.  Click Arm.
  • Your ELK panel should now arm.
  • Type your User Access Code and click Disarm.

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