ExacqVision Driver Installation

Use our Video Family drivers to monitor your home or business from any place in the world.


The ExacqVision Digital Video Recorder is premium commercial grade security DVR.  The myServer driver requires the Video Family license.

MSRP $99.99
  1. Purchase the Video Family license.
  2. Download the ExacqVision driver from myInstaller and install it on the myServer PC
  3. Restart myServer
  4. Apply your Video Family license to myServer's Licensing tab.
  5. Go into the driver's settings and click on Authorization
  6. Enter in your DVR's IP Address:port and the unsername and password.
  7. Click Refresh Cameras
  8. Soon, you should see your configured cameras created in the Video Family.
  9. Tip: For the pictures to display in the myUI.Tablets.Samples camera.html webpage, ensure the cameras are numbered 1-4.  They need to have unique IDs.
  10. Tip: If you change the myServer IP address, you will need to deselect "Save Variables on Exit" in the myServer options.  Then restart.  This will delete the old variables.  On the next restart the image paths will be recreated with the myServer's latest IP address so the HTML can reference the new server's image path.

Price $99.99