myUIPlayer Windows App Installation

myUIPlayer is Allonis's "App".  It is software installed directly on the Windows desktop or tablet device.  Within it, runs a controlled, full screen browser that displays webpages served by myServer.
Running myUIPlayer app has several advantages over running the myServer HTML user interface in a browser.
  • No need to install Chrome independently
  • Runs full screen
  • Enables myServer to monitor and control Windows Device hardware (microphone, speaker volume, GPS, etc)
  • Manages Web UI sessions so multiple launches won't create multiple sessions that ultimately hurt performance.
  • Maintains Focus that is especially useful for using the No-Touch Navigation via handheld remote controls.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 licensed (won't install in OS trial mode), with all the current service packs and security updates. (32 or 64 bit versions. 64 bit recommended). XP cannot be used (doesn't support .NET 4.5).
  • Modern dual-core processor or better (recommended is i3 or better.  i7 is generally overkill for most all installations.)
  • .NET 4.6 or newer installed
  • Visual C++ 2015 runtime libraries (myUIPlayer installer will prompt you for these files and are only needed to be installed once on the PC)
  • 2GB main memory. (4GB or more recommended)
  • 10GB free disk space.
  • Client PC (running myUIPlayer) must have network connectivity with myServer PC  The PC should be on a quality UPS to ensure up time when the power temporarily may go down to ensure system up time.
  1. Download the App from myInstaller in the Client Applications area.
  2. Install it once downloaded.  This will add the myUIPlayer shortcut to the myServer PC's desktop (or the PC you launched myInstaller from).
  3. You can click the "Run Microsoft Redistributable Package for VS2015 now" if you are not sure if the Visual C++ runtime libraries have been installed already.
  4. Once myUIPlayer if finished installing, Double click on the new myUIPlayer icon on your desktop to launch the application
  5. Ensure that myServer is running.
  6. If myServer is on the same LAN as the myUIPlayer PC, click the Discover button to autodiscover the myServer instance.  In under one minute you should see the myServer running instance.
  7. You can also manually configure the URL like:  ""
  8. Once myServer is contacted, you will see the drop down for the default html project can be chosen.
  9. Select your wanted resolution (to match your device screen settings)
  10. Select if you want to run Full Screen (or not).
NOTE:  Discovery will only work if your myServer network DNS name is set with the server's IP address.  This will be addressed in a myServer update coming soon.

myServer regularily sends a UDP broadcast out on port 1900.  myUI, when on same network hears that request.  This provides the information for myUI to request from myServer the full connection and list of web apps that exist via a TCP request to myServer.  Your network must be configured to allow these communications for Discovery to work.  If UDP is not enabled on the network, you must do a manual configuration to have myUIPlayer "find" myServer to complete the rest of installation configuration.


To reconfigure:

If fullscreen press f11 to get into windowed mode. Then tools/settings from the menu.