Network Data Servers


The 4000 Data Server is a Network Attached Storage server operating system designed to boot from a USB Flash device and specifically designed for digital media storage. It employs a unique RAID technology, similar to RAID4 but without striping, which provides for great configuration flexibility. The 4000 Data Server is the ideal solution for someone with a continually growing music, movie, photo and even data storage needs with peace of mind knowing your data is safe. So if you are tired of moving files between hard drives and worried about the safety of your storage, check out our 4000 Data Server.


Equipment Rack 4U system: 4000 Data Server

  • All the hard drives do not need to be the same size or speed.
  • Hard drives not being accessed may be spun down to save electricity.
  • All drives show up as a single drive or you can access the data on that specific drive only.
  • No Monitor and Keyboard required. Manage the 4000 through any web browser.
  • Add or replace additional hard drives at the front of the 4000 without losing existing data.
  • The front face of the 4000 may be locked to prevent unwanted entry to your valuable data.
  • Can rebuild any single failed hard drive.
  • True Incremental Storage: Unlike other data storage solutions out there where it's impossible to add a hard drive to your raid, the 4000 Data Server allows you to expand internally (via the front removable trays) up to 10 SATA III hard drives of any size (max 8TB per drive) as your needs grow.
  • Better Fault Tolerance: Similar to other RAID systems, the 4000 Data Server permits reconstruction of a single failed hard drive. However in the unlikely event of multiple hard drive failures, data loss would be isolated to only those hard drives which failed. In traditional RAID systems, multiple simultaneous hard drive failure results in complete data loss.
  • Energy Efficient: Hard drives not being accessed may be spun down to conserve energy as well as extend the life of the drive. The 4000 Data Server itself uses about 60 watts of power. Estimate 5 watts for each added 4TB Drive when not in sleep mode.
  • The 4000 Data Server can be configured with the industry's largest hard drives available which is currently 12TB. A 4000 Data Server with this configuration would provide up to 108TB of usable storage space.


The 4000 Data Server does not require Allonis software in order to function. The 4000 can be purchased and integrated into any network solution requiring mass storage.

Base System Specifications:

  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • (2) 8TB 7200 RPM SATA III Hard Drives (Field expandable to a total of 10 hard drives)
  • (10) Removable Trays which can be fitted with any 3 1/2" SATA III Hard Drive.
  • 1 - Gigabit Network Connector
  • 750 Watt Energy Efficient Power Supply
  • Rack Mount 4U - 10 Hot Swap Drive Chassis
  • Physical Dimensions: 19.0" x 7.0" x 20.8"

Note: due to the volatility of the PC component market, and to keep up with ever changing PC technology, Allonis reserves the right to exchange components for like kind replacement without notice. Allonis server components are warranted by the original respective component hardware manufacturers.

Custom Servers and Data Server configurations are available upon request.

Price $2,799.99