Moonlight UI Day & Night




Control your thermostats with ease. Select a room or zone, a mode and adjust the temperature using the up and down arrows. 





A custom floor plan of your home beautifully displays where lights are on indoors and out. View the states of your ceiling fans and fireplaces as well as your security motion and door and window sensors.




Enjoy controlling your Honeywell, Elk or DSC device using our large and detail accurate user-interface. We can create the keypad standing alone or in combination with your floor plans to allow you to see your security sensors while deciding whether to arm your system.




Monitor all your security cameras by swiping back and forth. Six camera images per page. Click on any image to get a larger view.




Get current weather information from multiple cities of your choice in this beautifully designed user interface. Features include scrollable 10-day forecast, extended 48-hour forecast, tides, weather warnings, pollen and maps. Also included are record temperatures for current day, sunrise and sunset, and moon phase.




Our new Moonlight & Sheer user interfaces were designed using clean transparent buttons and panels. Moonlight comes in a blue daytime version and then transforms to night mode at sunset as seen above. It's home page utilizes the familiar dashboard layout. Sheer has a more minimal home page and comes with a selection of images for use as a background. This transparent approach allows for user customization of background images to suit ones tastes.




Enjoy a wide variety of beautiful background photographs which rotate with the weather conditions, time of day and season.




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