Working in partnership with AVPro (MXNet mosaic video wall controller), NParallel Integration (Installation and project management) and HuntAdkins (creative),  the team built an impressive video wall sytem comprising 18 "random" placed LG TVs that can display up to 8 concurrant videos.

Hunt Adkins developed 4K movie content showcasing the clients products across all players and screens for a highly engaging presentation suited for a headquarters corporate lobby statement.

With a click on the iPad, the MXNet video over IP matrix shifts into  single movie across a huge "1x1" mode across all 18 screens.  Another click plays a different set of 8 movies across the 8 smaller video walls.  A testament of the capability of the MXNet video over IP distribution system.

Allonis's myServer 6 control system orchestrates MXNet switching, controlling the 8 AndroidTV players,  and retrieving the 4K media files stored on a high speed NAS (Network Attached Storage) that Allonis developed for the project.  No user training is required to manage the Show selection and video wall mode shifting.

To administer the system, Allonis built a simple user interface to upload new content that the Creative House has password protected access.

Additional back end tools were provided for the client's IT department to manage the devices in a graceful way.


If you have a project the team can assist you with to provide out of the box video presentation of any scale, let us know!


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