Many RVs are equipped with room slides that signficantly increase the interior room when parked.  Many use a slide motor controller by Intellitec.  They are operated by pressing a momentary switch to cycle through "Open" and press for "Stop" and press again for "Close".  Once the slide is fully extended, the slide controller measures that the motor is stalled and consuming more amperage.  The controller then shuts off the power to the motor.  Same process occurs when the slide is fully Closed.

This project is to add the ability for myServer automation controller to open / close / stop the slides by mimiking the actions of the momentary switch.

At least on the Intellitec controller we tested on, the momentary switch is Normally Closed.  This is a bit unusual.

We will use a Shelly brand 1Plus relay for commanding the slide controller.

We will also use a Bosch type (automotive) 5 pin relay to reverse the Shelly Normally Open relay to be part of a Normally Closed system.

Here is a picture of how the Intellitec Controller is typically wired by the RV manufacturer

 SlideController 1 small



And here is the modified circuit with the Shelly 1 Plus relay and the Bosch style relay.

SlideController 2 small


On the RV we installed this on, all three Slide Controllers were co-located in the bathroom cabinet attached to the wall.  So, easy access to modify the circuit.  But it was a bit tight to get both arms inside of the cabinet to cut / splice the wires.

With this circuit, the old mechanical switch "tells" the Shelly relay that it was pressed.  Within the Shelly firmware, you configure this to turn the Bosch relay on / then off.  This then wakes up the Slide Controller to go through it's open / close / stop routine.


Here are the three controllers (1 voice, 2 no voice).  The wiring isn't super clean, but it was difficult to do so with one hand.

I made up as many connections as I could into a relay harness to minimize how many crimps had to be done one handed

RelayHarness small

The top controller used Push on terminals to common connect the power lead and a second to common connect the ground to the various points.  But one needs to have two hands to do so.  The bottom two used Wago connectors that are possible to connect with one hand.  Insert the wire, and flip the closure lever to tighten the connection.

On the bottom Voice controller, we used large crimp on connectors to the power and ground main lines.  This is because this is for a two motor slide which consumes more amperage than the Wago connectors can handle.  The relay / Shelly relay consume very little current so the tap didn't need to be large.

SlideController 3 small