Introducing the Allonis SmartRemote
A handheld remote control that can control not just your TV, but all of your home's automation systems and devices.
- the most powerful handheld remote control in the industry
The secret to the capability of the SmartRemote is the myServer 6 automation controller - what is that?
myServer is an automation controller that allows you to control your media and automation devices with an intuitive touchscreen. It is the mature foundation for the SmartRemote.
  • The user interface is completely customizable and can include floorplan views that simplify the use of the system.
  • myServer is browser based so your existing iPad®, Android Tablet or smartphone can also be used as the user interface device - no "App" required!
  • Scheduled tasks, Macros, Event based triggers are easily configured by end users (no programming experience needed).
  • Available are optional server based Apps that manage your movie, music, streaming media and much more. (Plex, Kodi and Heos, Sonos, Jellyfin etc.). We offer more than most other control systems on the market whether professional or consumer grade.
  • Because myServer is completely customizable and scalable, it is used not just in residences but also in sports bars, restaurants and convention centers.
  • Runs locally and no subscriptions are required.
  • Works with a number of other automation systems (NodeRed, Homeseer, Home Assistant etc.)
  • Do-It-Yourselfers are supported.  We provide all the tools you need to personalize your system. Allonis can also be commissioned to assist you on your project.
  • myServer 6 can run on Windows®, Linux® (including Raspberry Pi® devices).
  • You can view and interact with our tablet version of myServer 6 by clicking the link below. This is the real software running on our cloud server.
Live Emulator available at Click on SmartRemote demo tab a bit down the page to the right.


The SmartRemote

Sure you can use myServer from your phone or tablet, but for channel surfing, the SmartRemote is the one place to control all the devices in your home instantly.
  • The SmartRemote has a clear 480x800 display - display your custom myServer user interface for unlimited expandability.
  • Included is our SmartRemote user interface on myServer to get you going fast with a professionally designed experience. Feel free to modify it to meet your exact needs! Note that because the user interfaces are so customizable, it can take time and some experience to create or modify them. Not quite as easy to configure as a standard consumer electronics remote control, but far more capable. Or, just use the interface that we already developed for our users. Allonis also can be contracted to assist developing a system to your exacting needs as well.
  • Comes fully assembled and includes a capacitive touch screen that supports gestures like swipe and pan for easy navigation to your complete system on a small screen device.
  • Not locked to any one room. Simply select the room you want to control. The Wifi extends the range of your control to wherever you are.
  • You can also configure the connection settings of the SmartRemote and use it in a second myServer installation - like your RV or Shop.  Just swap between the settings.
  • Today's remotes are packed full of buttons with cryptic functions but SmartRemote has that balance of buttons you need for an optimal tactile experience. The media buttons dual task as 0 - 9 keys for channel surfing ease.  You can even program Long Press each button to double the number of functions.
  • The SmartRemote has a rechargeable lithium battery and a low-power hardware design that will take you through a typical full day of use on a charge.
  • The remote feels balanced and comfortable in the hand with easy access to buttons and touchscreen. Lightweight yet solid.
  • Supports touchscreen, hard button and near future voice control to take advantage of the best interaction for the task at hand.
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.  Connect your Bluetooth ear buds to the SmartRemote and listen to the audio stream from your media in private. Perfect when paired with myServer 6 "myCapture" hardware that extracts the audio from any HDMI source and encodes it for viewing/listening on any browser device - like the SmartRemote.
  • Includes built in Microphone for future Voice enabled services.
  • Built in speaker - useful to find your remote between the couch cushions.  Audio notifications will be supported.  Intercom as well.
  • Works with myServer 6 as a powerful combo. We are open to working with 3rd party developers to provide support for other automation systems that support Android and/or browser technologies - let us know which and if you are a developer! We will keep everyone informed on any integration work that we are aware of. HomeAssistant® will be supported at SmartRemote launch (requires myServer 6).
  • Built in Infrared Emitter for local "point and shoot" IR transmissions.  All managed by myServer.  Range tested to more than 18 feet away.
  • Never lose your SmartRemote - activate the SOS alarm with your smartphone. The SmartRemote display will brightly blink so you can find it.  The speaker will provide an audible alert.
  • No Internet is required. Locally managed.
SmartRemote is not dependent on cloud services*. All the logic happens in the powerful myServer automation controller, completely local. Your system works even when there's no internet access. No reliance on cloud providers for the core features to continue to work. This "Client" (SmartRemote) and "Server" (myServer) architecture is much more powerful than just a remote control. The system also supports Tablets, your phone, your Windows desktop, in wall touchpanels, Internet access or just within your home - and all at the same time. Your hardware and configured software is available for control and status on all devices.
* Software update requires internet connection. Certain devices might require internet connection for operation. Certain features require Internet for data (TVGuide, media metadata lookup, deluxe voice services, etc.)
Some Videos of coming functionality:
Set-up is a Breeze
Setting up all your devices is one of the biggest headaches when managing your home. We decided to fix that so it is extremely easy with SmartRemote. It takes just three steps:
1. Select “Software Updater” in the myServer Dashboard, find your device in the list and click “add a device."
2. Configure the new software driver with your devices IP address.
3. Select your device and assign it to that room's active_room macro.
Check out how easy it is:
Scenarios, as we call them, enable you to automate cumbersome procedures. They are generated automatically as soon as you add and connect devices within a myServer system. They can be extended easily from within the mobile app.
Without SmartRemote
  • Grab TV remote
  • Power on TV
  • Switch to AVR remote 
  • Power on AVR 
  • Change AVR input channel to the DVD’s output 
  • Grab DVD remote 
  • Power on DVD Player 
  • Grab smartphone 
  • Search app for lightbulbs 
  • Dim lights to "Movie mode" 
  • Switch back to DVD remote 
  • Press play
  • Grab the AVR remote to adjust volume if needed
=> 3 remotes, a smartphone app and many button presses needed
With SmartRemote
  • Grab SmartRemote 
  • Tap DVD icon or say "Watch a Movie"
  • Wait a few seconds and watch the magic happen 
  • Press play
=> 1 SmartRemote
page scenes
The first shipment of SmartRemotes has arrived!
Software Updates
myServer 6 has a robust over the air (Internet connection required) Software Updater that makes it easy to keep the latest offerings running on your myServer and SmartRemote. Allonis has been supporting myServer for years with our thousands of customers. New Drivers (for supporting new hardware/software products), New Apps, Core myServer updates, new User Interface Templates, bug fixes, etc., are all regularly supported TODAY (not just a promise of sometime in the near future) using over the air updates.
Technical Details
The myServer 6 controller has all the smarts to handle older TVs or DVD players to the latest lights, sensors and door locks. It is packed full of cutting edge features never before found in a home automation device including:
  • Runs on small and powerful Raspberry Pi4.
  • 4 radios for Bluetooth 5.0, Bluetooth BLE (low energy), Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5.0 AC.  ZigBee and Z-Wave protocols (via optional GPIO and USB radios).
  • Full support for thousands of IR devices via Flirc, GlobalCache and our very own myIR16/32 (16 or 32 IR outputs!) hardware.
  • TV, Sonos®, HEOS, Apple® TV, Roku®, FireTV® and Philips® Hue support.
  • Supports cable boxes - including Cablevision®, Verizon®, Time Warner®, and Comcast® including guide data (with subscription).
  • Supports satellite systems from Dish® and DirectTV® including guide data.
  • Supports your own devices in Learning Mode (See FAQ).
SmartRemote expands the flexibility of myServer into the palm of your hand.
  • 3.2" 800x480 capacitive touchscreen.
  • Backlit buttons for ease of use in dark rooms.
  • All Buttons are 100% programmable for function within myServer.
  • Built in speaker
  • Built in Michrophone for Intercom and Voice Recognition (future)
  • Light sensor to auto adjust display brightness.
  • Motion sensor to wake up the remote.
  • Vibration to confirm button pushes.
  • Wifi to myServer.  Bluetooth for future features.
  • Voice button for future voice activated services.
  • Android operating system running Allonis' myUI application.
  • Charging base solid 0.3kg for stability.  Includes subtle light ring for dark room use.
Allonis has been developing, selling and supporting myServer 5 for almost 5 years.  A proven track record of delivering cool products for automation. myServer 6 has already been in commercial use in hundreds of sports bars and restaurants with an impeccable service record. Six generations of lessons learned and improvement that places myServer at the top of the heap in device support, customization capability and rich user experience.
Pricing structure provides you an inexpensive way to get myServer 6 as software only (install on your own hardware), or pre-installed on hardware we provide, or complete with the SmartRemote. Or, SmartRemote for your own automation system (3rd party development required).
Allonis has teamed up with experienced hardware manufacturers to bring to life the SmartRemote. We built a functional prototype out of off the shelf parts that was shown in private viewings at CES 2018 to demonstrate some of the concepts. With your help, we can complete myServer 6 and create the production version of SmartRemote for your home/business.  We showed the production intent SmartRemote at CES 2022.
The SmartRemote and myServer exist today! The software within myServer is expanded to include SmartRemote functionality within this Kickstarter period. Shipping of hardware begins near immediately! You can use myServer 6 immediately upon receipt.
Certainly there are other DIY remote control projects. We believe the SmartRemote will be the most mature, most capable and production quality of any.
Timeline and Shipping
  • myServer 6 launch for commercial businesses
  • SmartRemote First prototype: 2018
  • SmartRemote first displayed (CES 2018 private viewings)
  • Design for Manufacture: November 2020 - January 2021
  • Certifications: Already done!
  • Tooling: Already done!
  • Pilot Production: Already done!
  • Firmware testing: Already done!
  • Order Components: September 2023
  • Mass Production: September 2023
  • Software development specific to SmartRemote: December 2021 - October 2023 with regular updates thereafter
  • SmartRemote Kickstarter (completes January 2, 2023)
  • Shipping: January 2024 (myServer and SmartRemote)
SmartRemote and myServer will be available initially US and Canada.  Shipping will be charged in the shopping cart. Here you will be able to confirm your address and might add extra units.
Orders will be sent from the US, so depending on your location, there might be local taxes and duties if you are outside the US. You are responsible for paying these import taxes and fees.
We have calculated estimates for these shipping destinations (insured, 1-2 day express shipping), but please note that the actual cost of shipping could change based on many circumstances. These estimates reflect prices as of 2023 September. We hope shipping rates will be lower next year once we begin shipping. We will do our best to provide affordable shipping, once we're ready to ship.
SmartRemote was born out of the enthusiasm and dedication of a handful of great people. We have invested our time and money into developing a working prototype and then the production hardware that is ready for production manufacturing. Supporting SmartRemote within myServer 6 requires significant development resources and we need your help to make it happen.
What's in the box?
  • SmartRemote
  • SmartRemote Charging Dock with USB-C cable and wall wart
  • myServer Shelf mount automation controller (or Rack mount or USB stick for your own Pi4 - depending on your package)
  • USB-C wall wart power supply (if applicable)
  • IR USB Extender
  • USB 128 gigabyte myServer OS boot drive for fast operation (if applicable)
  • Quick Start Guide
Additional items you can choose as add-on:
  • Extra Smart Charging Dock
  • Allonis has hundreds of hardware/software updates compatible with the SmartRemote to build a basic to elaborate automation and media control system including Video Matrix switches, Audio matrix, projectors, TVs, AV receivers, lighting devices, HVAC, irrigation relays, security systems, etc.
smartremote box
Development Process

We started working on SmartRemote several years ago, after supporting other companies popular remote controls (Harmony, Microsoft, URC, many others) that worked well, but didn't leverage the capability of myServer's expandability.  We observed StartUps that developed similar that didn't have a robust software platform but promise to deliver it. Allonis understands the real work is in the software (not the hardware) for a complete and user friendly product. So in the middle of the pandemic, we embarked on an exciting journey to create our own remote control with touchscreen: SmartRemote.

We wanted to create a device that is future proof. A remote that has all the hardware components to create the best experience. Even if it's not fully taken advantage in the early days, we can add features in software, but not in hardware. We have carefully chosen the components to make sure we keep power consumption low, but not compromising on capabilities. We had a list: clear and vibrant display, backlit buttons, microphone, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and haptic motor. Researching, testing and finally choosing the right components took a while, but we ended up with something that works really well.
Prototyping with manufacturability in mind
We started sourcing and working with manufacturing partners early on in the design process leveraging existing components and hardware to minimize risk, cost and timeline of execution.
After a year of hard work, we now have a working device that is ready for volume manufacturing.  We just need your help to make it happen!
Here is a picture of the first production SmartRemotes enroute to Allonis!  We expect the first mini batch here 12/10/2023 with the balance here for January shipments.
Shipping1 small
The Allonis LLC team works remotely, across the US.  We have been passionate about media control systems for the last 20 years.

We gathered experience from the field of design to software engineering, hardware development, networking and maintenance. We are the right blend of people, sharing expertise in our team. Most importantly, we are all avid smart home users with the need for a well designed remote, that can control all our devices seamlessly. This need drives us to make SmartRemote the most capable remote control on the market.

YouTube Videos


Here is an example of a Traeger Smoker Grill that connects to the Traeger cloud server.  HomeAssistant has a driver that talks to the Traeger cloud

HA Traeger


And using the new HAGateway in myServer 6, here is a SmartRemote prototype user interface that you can view and control your Traeger grill!  You can see the Pellet Level, the grill temp, the probe temp, the grill's status, change the temp, turn on the Smoke Turbo Fan, switch to Keep Warm Mode, and Shut the grill Off.  For safety reasons, you can't remotely start the grill.
SR Traeger
Press release images, videos for press and blog articles can be downloaded here. If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.