Allonis introduces an innovative way for your bar patrons to take control of what TV content they listen to - without interfering with other guests.

The customer experience:

  • Your customer scans a QR code printed on your menu or on a table placard using their smartphone camera.
  • Customer connects their Smartphone to your Guest WiFi network.
  • Their smartphone then displays your TV floorplan.
  • The customer selects which TV they are watching.
  • They are then listening to that TVs audio stream using their personal ear buds!

No "App" is required on their phone!  So your wait staff doesn't have to become an IT support department.


Each myCapture6 supports up to 6 video sources.  The video is then typically sent to a video matrix for distribution to the TVs.

The myCapture6 hardware has a built in myServer webserver for display of the floorplan of TVs to listen to.

The user interface is completely customizable by Allonis including your branding.

Guests never have access to your Business network.  Built in firewall.

See a live demonstration at Click on SportsBar Demo and scroll down to see the "Customer Listening" demo.


The myCapture6 system helps differentiate your customer's experience from the bar next door.  No longer does the bartender make the decision on what your customers must listen to.  Compatible with most all modern smartphones and WiFi tablets.


How the system is connected: