Experience our Sports Bar TV Control System, including Audio and Lighting, with our awesome demo located on our Home Page! We provide multiple TV control systems that will easily integrate your Audio/Video and environmental components into one easy to use package. Let multiple hand-held remotes be a thing of the past and experience hassle free one-touch control. With the versatility of myServer 6, you may be able to retrofit existing equipment into the control system which makes it economical to get the most value out of your technology investment.



  • Our intuitive user-interface makes it easy for anyone to control a sophisticated system of multiple TVs, zones of audio and multiple media sources from a tablet or smartphone.
  • The entire floor plan is pannable from the homepage for both the tablet and smartphone.
  • Send one source to multiple TVs with one touch.
  • See what's playing on each source.
  • Easily select from a variety of video sources.
  • Video walls - Combine multiple TVs into one large TV that everyone can see. While video walls comprised of 4 or 9 TVs are the most common our software will easily allow you to configure video walls of any size.
  • Optional TV Guide listings.
  • Program Scheduling.
  • Favorites and Presets.
  • Channel Previewing.
  • One touch system startup and shutdown.
  • Control various systems integrated into one user-interface, such as sophisticated lighting control or optionally blinds, security and heating and cooling.



myServer 6 is the most capable system on the market for sports bar system control. A lot of what makes it special is a an intuitive user interface that requires minimal training for the bar staff. Our sports bar interface is where the magic is found.



Allonis can engineer and provide turnkey hardware/software for a complete sports bar multimedia system that just needs to be mounted and plugged in according to our provided documentation. We are dealers with most all of the high performance equipment and are partners with several of the highest quality and highest value manufacturers of 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers. They manufacture some of the most advanced audio/video hardware for conference centers, sports bars, restaurants and other large centers. If you are either the owner of a facility or an integrator, please call us with your project details and we can provide you a plan and a quote.

If you are looking for an upgrade, Allonis can make use of your existing hardware and also provide all the new equipment needed to allow your system to support the latest technologies.



We have been updating sports bar systems for years. We know what you need, can work with what you already have and can provide the consultation on how to make it an excellent experience for your patrons that is still easy for you to operate. We can customize the software to your exact requirements including custom floor plan graphical design, and the actions with each touch of the system.

We can work with DirecTV boxes behind each TV, Modulated video sources to TVs, HDMI, HDBaseT or the newest Video Over IP distribution systems.  All can be easy to use.